Carmarthenshire Music Service held its annual Junior Prom Concerts on the 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of June, playing to capacity audiences at Y Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli. Over the four concerts more than 1500 pupils representing primary schools in Carmarthenshire took part.

The Junior Ensembles rehearse either weekly or on a day course basis throughout the academic year, and these performances were a chance to display the results of the hard work put in by both pupils and staff.

The first concert featured Llanelli Junior Woodwind, Llanelli Junior String Chamber Ensemble, Llanelli and Dinefwr Cerddorfa Arall and Llanelli Junior Choir.


IMG 2611

 Llanelli Junior Woodwind


IMG 2614

 Llanelli Junior String Chamber Ensemble


IMG 2616

 Llanelli and Dinefwr Cerddorfa Arall


IMG 2622

 Llanelli Junior Choir


The second concert featured Carmarthen and Gwendraeth Cerddorfa Arall, Carmarthen Junior String Orchestra, Carmarthen and Gwendraeth Junior Woodwind and Carmarthen Junior Choir.


IMG 2623

 Carmarthen and Gwendraeth Cerddorfa Arall


IMG 2625

 Carmarthen Junior String Orchestra


IMG 2630

 Carmarthen and Gwendraeth Junior Woodwind


IMG 2633

Carmarthen Junior Choir


The third concert featured Dinefwr Junior Woodwind, Dinefwr Junior Strings, and Dinefwr Junior Choir.


IMG 2635

 Dinefwr Junior Woodwind


IMG 2637

 Dinefwr Junior Strings


IMG 2639

 Dinefwr Junior Choir


The fourth and final concert featured Carmarthenshire Junior Brass, Carmarthenshire Junior Guitar Ensemble and Carmarthenshire Junior Percussion Ensemble.


IMG 2641

Carmarthenshire Junior Brass


IMG 2644

Carmarthenshire Junior Guitar Ensemble


IMG 2649

Carmarthenshire Junior Percussion Ensemble


Throughout the four concerts a wide range of music was performed including pop, rock, folk, traditional, music from stage and screen and arrangements of classical favourites.

The standard of performance over the four evenings was extremely high and the combined audiences of over 2000 people were treated to yet another successful Carmarthenshire Junior Prom season!